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OICM insurance company has a location in La Vegas Nevada,We operated in all states because we are Federal Regulated. President Obama calls this his one state compliance rule.

Our main goal is to put as many deserving small, minority (men and women) as well as Native American contractors on as many projects as possible. With the assistance of qualified construction team and funds management control we have the winning combinations to help many small, minority contractors, with our CONSTRUCTION BONDING program.

We have alternate programs and resources in order to facilitate the necessary support for some many qualified and deserving minority contractors that have been neglected over the years.

Adequate protection is need for the obligee (owner) of any project and with the combination of a qualified contractor, a bonafide bid price, funds control agreement(Tripartite) in force and if necessary a valid payment and performance guarantee does protect the owner.

The Company policy is to offer a total package for a qualified contractors who need CONSTRUCTION BONDING. Work with the contractor from time of the application to the final walk thru. Help monitor the entire project and review the contracts for exclusions and unforeseen extras. Finally to protect the project owner with fund management controls to make sure that all material and suppliers have been paid, which in turn protects the surety.

The strength of your contract and ability to perform your trade. With decent profit in the contract and enough liquids funds to get you to the first draw basically qualifies you for are program. We do not judge you solely on your credit history or financials but on the ability to do the work. There are no fees upfront for our services. We believe in getting paid only if we are able to provide the services requested by you.

The cost o the bond is related to the strength of the job and the ability that you have to produce a sucessful outcome. If there is a need for funds managemanet control then a separated charges shall apply. The price is very negotiable but usually stats in 1%-31/2% range and goes up 1 1/2 % for funds management control. Once again this negotiated at the time of application.

If you are havein a hard time getting a performance and payment bond which most contractors call CONSTRUCTION BONDING then you need to contact Ric Cline at 1-800-772-9904 or direct to 719-588-3601. He is avabale 24/7 if you need him.


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